Monday, April 2, 2012

Civility Week 14-April 2, 2012

   We enter week 14 of Civility with Holy Week! What a week to try to remain civil, at least in my office which is in our Cathedral parish where everything kicks into high gear as we print out programs, arrange for the Bishop’s visit, prepare for Holy Week services, fill ministry positions for each service and Mass. Wheee…I’m bushed and it’s only Monday!!
So being civil this week is not only a challenge, but a call to a higher mode of operation as you can’t possibly become selfish this week, not when Jesus goes all the way to the cross for me and you without complaint.
   Was Jesus ever uncivil? I don’t think so.  Even after being whipped and beaten, crowned with a ring of horrible thorns, denied food, water and rest, carried that heavy piece of wood all through town and up the hill to Golgotha, he did so without complaint, much less utter anything unkind.
   So if this is the week to really emulate Him…
   I will try to remember I am being called to at least TRY to be like our Lord…still remembering He fell three times on the way to the cross and knowing I will fall numerous times this week…but trying to share in the suffering servanthood that Christ did.
   I will pray for you this week, please pray for me too!
God bless you!

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