Friday, March 30, 2012

String Theory & God

I love learning about space, physics and quantum theories! I don't understand any of it nor did I take any of these sciences in school because, well there was just too much math involved and boy was I not good in math.
But I am fascinated by String Theory. In very, very, VERY short terms, at least to my understanding, String Theory is what helps connect the two "theories" of the universe together, the smallest things and the largest things. Apparently these two theories have people on both sides who fight amonst themselves as to which is right.
But if you know about String Theory, it tries to explain that both sides are right and that quite honestly you can't have one without the other.  
It's kind of like Creation verses Evolution. To me, you can't have one without the other there either. I mean we've seen animals, plants and humans adapt to their surroundings, hence evolution is adapting to surroundings, darker skin in hot climates, plants tenaciously hanging on in places where nothing should live.
Then of course how can you have evolution without a Creator? A creator had to begin everything.
So String Theory pulls two ideas together and helps make sense of so many things. But in the Spiritual World String Theory makes even more sense. How is it we feel connected to our loved ones who have died?
How do hear the voice of God speak to our hearts? How did visionaries see saints and Mary?
Going out not only on a spiritual but also scientific limb here I suggest that String Theory explains quite a big about how our lives are interwoven with those from the past and those of the future. Why else would it matter who our ancestors were? Why would we care if we are but just one atom of a person floating around in our present time, not changing anything, or caring about anyone or anything?
Why would God make us such shortlived beings if not for the eternal life behind and ahead of us where everyone exists for all time?
These, truly are the things I ponder....more later!

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