Monday, March 12, 2012

Moms Aren't Meant To Be Cool

I just read the title of a blog by Catholic Mom, Julie Filby, entitled, "The Church Wasn't Meant To Be A Cool Mom!"
Exactly...what kid who is now grown up, doesn't look back at his or her strict mom and say, "Thank God, my mom didn't let me do... (fill in the blank) but at the time I thought she was the meanest Mom in the world!

Good moms don't always have the designation as BFF. You simply can't be your kids best friend at all times. Yet here is our society today, blaming the Mother Church for being out of touch, too old fashioned and way too strict!
What a wonderful compliment!
As a mom raising my three kids, it was always hard to figure out when they could do something with friends, is this movie okay for them to see, what about that activity?
Parenting is no cake walk for those of you who don't have kids yet. Just wait....
Parenting is the reason for sighing...long slow breaths...gray hair...wrinkles around eyes and mouth (though laughter does that too!)
Parenting is also the reason for a heart expanded by love to the ends of the world, a trust that grows until it hurts, pride, laughter, tears, faithfulness and so much more.

Yes, good moms aren't meant to be cool and that's okay, because now that my own kids are in their twenties...they NOW think I'm cool! I just had to wait a few more years for the designation and it was well worth it!

The Catholic Church knows that as a parent you will have to give your children discipline, love, understanding, forgiveness and that good parents Do Not spoil their children, over indulge, forget the guides and rules and cave in on every complaint or request.

Keep up the good work Mother Church!

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