Friday, March 16, 2012

Civility continued...still Week 11

Well it's's been a long week and I think it will be a long year. This being civil is hard work. I know you may laugh, but I always thought I was a peaceful person, but this experiment with civlity has been teaching me just how UNpeaceful a person I am.
It's funny what something teaches you in life. For all I know anyone reading this blog who knows me may already be saying, "Well, it's about time you figured out what all the rest of us know, Lisa."
That I may NOT be the peaceful person I thought I was? Oh I joke about my temper, my mouthing off to other drivers...but really putting the hammer down on my thoughts and my mouth has shown me just how far off base I really was.
I really have a lot of work to do. Maybe it was the Holy Spirit putting this thought in my head to work on my civility this year. If so, bravo Holy Spirit because I realize how much I am uncivil.
But, as any new habit or getting rid of a bad habit that becomes ingrained in your life, it's hard to get rid of.
I honestly thought I would be better at this by now. But sadly I am not. But I am not giving up!

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