Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Welcome the JOY of Christ Jesus to your hearts!
Close your eyes, thank God for what you have, your family, friends, those riches that don't show up in our bank accounts.

I remember many a Christmas our budget tighter than tight. I had to make things for my parents, my siblings and my husband so we could afford to get toys for the kids.

Now I love making things because I just love making things for everyone! It still means more to my family and friends to receive handmade items. In fact, I did glass ornaments this year for my co-workers and boss. They loved them!

Have a beautiful Christmas season, enjoy all of it, especially going to Mass. We love Midnight Mass where we sing carols for 30 minutes before Mass begins. It's such an awesome time to feel the presence of the newborn Christ Child with us.

I love you!

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