Thursday, October 20, 2011

Personal Choice: aka Selfish Choice

Have you noticed lately the repeated use of the term "personal choice" in regards to having an abortion, using drugs, acting on homosexual tendencies?

While being an individual and not following the crowd is ususually a good thing, the issue of "personal choice" has become an excuse to do whatever you want, with little if any regard for other people or your giving back to our Creator.

Just because we have all been given the freedom to make personal choices does not excuse us from following the Ten Commandments, the Apostolic Traditions or moral laws. But many people use this term to escape punishment either from our nation's laws, international law and especially from God's laws.

God didn't make it that hard to follow His rules. They are pretty basic, but people sure can screw them up by labeling their mistakes as "personal choices."

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