Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bless Your Guardian Angel - Month

This month we celebrate the feast of your Guardian Angels. God gave each of us our own personal Guardian Angel from the moment we're born to watch out for us, give us guidance, and try to help keep us on the right path.

Do you have an Guardian Angel story? If so, share it here with us.  Guardian Angels weren't meant as just stories we tell kids at night so they can go to sleep. They are real. They are constantly by God's side and our side, trying to keep us on the right path.

Some even have names. The name of my family's guardian angel is "George".  Don't ask me how I know that. I just knew one day when I was asking for his intercession to watch over my little ones, that his name was George.

So every day I have a running conversation with George and since my now grown family loves adventures and things like white water rafting, canoing, inner-tube floating down not so lazy rivers, flying in open cockpit airplanes....let's just say George gets a workout!

I've seen his work up close and personal. Like the day he literally yanked one of my daughters away from a snake in our yard.  I saw her fly backwards through the air, she didn't jump, and neither my husband nor I had seen the snake to warn her.

Then there was just last week, when the cable that was holding the spare tire underneath my husband's Durango rusted out. Some bolts fell out onto the driveway several weeks before and we had no clue where they came from though we looked under our cars. We thought they just fell off another car passing the drive.

We drove several hundred miles the next two weekends, visiting relatives and such things. Then one Sunday afternoon my husband had just pulled into the driveway when he felt a thump. He got out of the car and saw a tire laying at the end of the driveway.

He wondered where it had come from and thought it looked familiar. He looked under his car and sure enough, the spare was missing. Poor George, he must have been tired (though I doubt angels get tired.) but he had been holding up that spare tire under the car without it's cable or bolts for two weeks, through all those trips, bouncing up and down...

I have never doubted the existence of Guardian Angels...and you should not either!

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