Monday, June 20, 2011

When A Man Loves A Woman Sequel...

When a man truly loves a woman, there is a bond, both on an emotional and chemical level created between them that cannot be separated or undone, not by separation, not by death, not even by selfishness. It exists. And unless sexual union only takes place in a marriage, that bond is never formed completely. It is desiccated, weakened, rendered unusable. 

The family unit was created with one purpose: to protect all its members, the children, the mother and the father. When men procreate outside of marriage, they destroy their father duties. They deny not only the child of a father and being born in a protected, safe, stable environment, but they destroy the woman who bears the child and bears all the responsibility for this child, unprotected, unsecure, AND they destroy a piece of themselves too. Men need to be responsible, they need to protect and take care of. The family unit is uniquely designed for this.

Women's rights should be about protecting women and children; not just about equality in the workplace. Women's rights, men's rights and children's rights should be of the utmost importance in our society. We can strengthen our families by protecting them.

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