Thursday, April 14, 2011

No Man Is An Island

My daughter is going through a tough time with a friend who is half a world away - literally. This friend is really down and depressed. It's hard to help someone when they live so far away. But sometimes it's hard to help someone right next door too.  But the best help we can be to each other is being a listening ear, assuring that person of our prayers for them to get through their tough time.

So many times we feel at loss for words to help them, or give them answers. Maybe that's not what they need. I truly feel God puts each of us in a place we need to be for a reason. We may never know why or understand, but God can do anything! He knows what is best.

If you are in a place where a friend really needs a shoulder to cry on, be the shoulder. You don't have to have all the answers, just tell them you are there for them and are praying for them and really do pray for them. All of our prayers help each other. Even though God knows they need help, we still have to ask Him in prayer for that help.

And remember that no man is an island, we are not put here alone. We need each other, to talk, to pray with and pray for. And be happy, no matter what. Happiness helps others too!
Good day! God bless you!

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