Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent 15 - Prayer Time

It's time for Advent 15 - where you take 15 minutes a day during advent to turn off the cell phone, pager, television, and other distractions and pray and listen to God for 15 minutes.
You will be so much more peaceful this season and excited too about Christ's birth! The REAL reason for the season.
You know, when Mary was pregnant and waiting, she was probably spinning yarn to make his blanket, fixing meals for Joseph. Then Joseph sprung the bad news on her - they had to travel to Bethlehem for the census. She would have to make the trip on the back of a donkey, nine months pregnant.
Why couldn't she have just stayed home with her parents?
I've never heard this explained, unless for the census they didn't trust your word about having a pregnant wife at home and she had to come along. How callous can tax collectors get?
So while you are spending your 15 minutes in prayer think about Mary. She was trying to prepare for her son's coming too, but she had to prepare for the journey, fix some food to take along, (no fast food places then) take along baby stuff cause she would have had a woman's intuition that she would deliver while they were in Bethlehem!
Riding on the back of a donkey may have given her plenty of time to think about everything and pray, but it still wasn't easy balancing on that stubborn animal's backbone, nine months pregnant.
Think about Mary as you pray and thank God for all He has given you!

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