Monday, July 5, 2010

To Get Everyone To Heaven

   Remember when every big corporation had to have a Mission Statement? It seemed to trickle down to where even small schools, small businesses and churches began writing a mission statement.
   Many of these "mission statements" were very wordy, involved and far from being simple. As if just stating what it was you were in business for wasn't enough.
   I have my own business statement. It wasn't because I looked around at all these churches and schools, business and stores and thought I was missing something. It was simply in answer to that question everyone asks at some point in their lives. "Why am I here?"

   In the old days, Catholic schools used something called the Baltimore Catechism which listed questions about the Catholic faith and then the answers. In recent years, this way of learning was put down as just memorizing the answers about your faith life, when you were supposed to be living those answers. But the biggest question was always, Why are we here? or, For what purpose do I serve in my life?
The answer in the Baltimore Catechism was, To know, love and serve God.
Now I think that's a great answer, but as I said, during my generation we were pushed to go beyond just mere reciting of those words into doing something about it.
   So, hence came about my own mission statement: My purpose in life is to get to Heaven and get as many people as possible there with me!
   Shortened down that has become - "Get Everyone To Heaven"
   While I don't exactly postulate how I'm trying to do that in my mission statement - do I really have to? Do I have to list all the ways I plan on going about that plan or is it enough that I just do it?
Preach the Gospel to all, if necessary use words says St. Francis. And I hope that's how I'm helping myself, my family and anyone else around me, get to Heaven. My actions no doubt speak louder than words.

   This is hopefully a good thing, except for those times in my car where it seems I always lose my patience and good attitude about the world and my fellow man.

   But I think we could all make this simple statment our OWN mission statement. And not only our mission statement but our MISSION.
   Getting your family to heaven should be more important than making them happy, wealthy or healthy. Honestly, we need to make the journey a good thing, but let's make sure we're on the right ride toward the right destination!

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