Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Joy! Week 6

  In our search for Joy, and in trying to live Joy-filled lives, we are always reminded that constantly negativity surrounds us. It is hard to ignore and tends to make us get on bandwagons of negativity ourselves.
 I found a wonderful article in the November issue of the Liguorian, written by Kathleen M. Basi where she states the following message: "There is a time and a place for rising up with a prophetic voice to point out evil. However, typically, ranting, negativity, and finger-wagging are not more likely to produce success than standing on a riverbank and demanding the water run uphill. Yes, Jesus turned over the tables in the Temple - once.  The rest of the time, he dined with sinners, and he didn't spend those meals telling his hosts everything that was wrong with them!"

  This is so very true. If we are always looking for the place to lay blame, wag our fingers in people's faces, then we miss the opportunities for Joy.  Joy spreads our faith much faster than blaming. Joy is what Jesus brought to people; and they listened. He cured people, and they listened; He fed them and they listened.

  If we could also learn how to turn our 'life lessons' into joy-filled lessons, people may turn their gaze upon their souls more and want to become more like a joy-filled person living the life God wants them to.

  Just a thought!

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